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Designing Customer-Focused Lean Systems

Welcome to the CFS Consulting Group. We create cost effective lean solutions that solve your organization's seemingly unsolvable problems.  With 18 years of leading businesses like yours through the lean transformation, we'll zero in on the root issues that are hindering your progress toward lasting positive change.

Leap ahead of the competition with our customer-focused processes.

You'll never look back.

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November 19, 2012
Susan Eliot interviews Richard Coley, CEO of CFS Consulting, about using focus groups to create a more successful lean implementation... read more

August 28, 2012
Guest blog:
I couldn't help but take note of the many lean principles that were in play at the Olympic games...
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About CFS

With 17 years of experience, we are a cut above the rest.  We have strong experience in different industries and can apply what we know about lean systems to any industry, function group, and situation.  


We have walked in your shoes and know how to partner with you to get the job done.


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Case Studies

Learn about how we've used our years of experience to help companies like yours solve difficult issues. We've compiled a few stories that will help you understand the amazing difference properly implemented lean systems can make for you.


Case Studies

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Recommended Reading

Over the years, we've compiled a great list of books that we've found to be helpful no matter where you are in your lean journey.



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